Zubu explores the distortion of masses in this QC home by Architecture & Interior Source Marketing


April 25, 2018 I Written by Angel Yulo I Photographed by Jaime Rapi, Jr.

A thread of light running from one corner of the garage ceiling to the front door directs guests to enter and compels passers-by to gaze at the Distorted Box House by Zubu Design Associates. Read more..

Zubu Design Associates turns a Cebu Warehouse into a Home by Architecture & Interior Source Marketing


August 1, 2018 I Written by Reuben Ramas Cañete, Ph.D. I Photographed by Ed Simon

In 2011, Sia redesigned an 800-square meter warehouse in the uptown district of Guadalupe into a modern contemporary version of a traditional Chinese “compound house,” for an extended Chinese-Filipino family. Read more…