Postmodern revival in this renovated DTI regional office by Architecture & Interior Source Marketing


March 14, 2018 I Written by Karl F. Cabilao I Photographed by Ed Simon

Sia wanted to preserve the existing shell and carve out a brighter interior space for the renovation. “The defining characteristics of the building are its orientation towards the corner, and the tessellated parapet, its main ornamental feature,” he says. Read more…

Zubu explores the distortion of masses in this QC home by Architecture & Interior Source Marketing


April 25, 2018 I Written by Angel Yulo I Photographed by Jaime Rapi, Jr.

A thread of light running from one corner of the garage ceiling to the front door directs guests to enter and compels passers-by to gaze at the Distorted Box House by Zubu Design Associates. Read more..

Zubu Design Associates turns a Cebu Warehouse into a Home by Architecture & Interior Source Marketing


August 1, 2018 I Written by Reuben Ramas Cañete, Ph.D. I Photographed by Ed Simon

In 2011, Sia redesigned an 800-square meter warehouse in the uptown district of Guadalupe into a modern contemporary version of a traditional Chinese “compound house,” for an extended Chinese-Filipino family. Read more…